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  1. At Alvarez Truck Brokers, carriers who partner with our company are treated with absolute and total respect. We recognize the sacrifices and hardships required of carriers and drivers in terms of time away from home and family. We work hard to treat our carriers and drivers professionally by offering help and assistance at every step along the way to create an efficient and supportive working relationship. Read More

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  1. Our customers include national and regional food retailers and distributors as well as farms and packing houses. Since 1974, and over the years, our customers have consistently relied on our reputation of “Our Word is our Bond” to meet the challenges of their transportation and logistics needs. Read More

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  1. Our load posts available loads and provides general details regarding pick-up and delivery locations and dates as well as equipment requirements. For specific information regarding freight product, rates, and transit requirements, please contact our team member using the contact information provided. If you are a customer and would like to post a load, please follow the links and provide the information requested. We will be happy to respond and assist you.

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Carrier Testimonials

  1. I have known and conducted business with John Alvarez, Sr. and Alvarez Truck Brokers of Florida for over 20 years. With an industry such as this, they are a breath of fresh air to do business with on a daily basis. They are a reflection of the Godly leadership of John Alvarez, Sr. You can trust them for quality freight, quick payment and professional one on one service. They are more than a truck broker, they are family!

    Michael Moore - In the Wind, LLC.

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Customer Testimonials

  1. I have been knowing and doing business with John Alvarez and his family for over thirty five years. From the bottom to the top, I have never done business with an organization that is more honest, trustworthy, dependable, and straight up than Alvarez Truck Brokerage.

    Gary Harold - H&W Trucking Co., Inc.

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Who We Are

  1. From the humble setting of a small bedroom in Salinas, California in 1974, John Alvarez started Alvarez Truck Brokers with one goal in mind: to become the best truck transportation broker in the country.

    The concept of Alvarez Truck Brokers began with one promise that Mr. Alvarez and his wife, Olga, have stood behind since the very beginning: "Our Word is Our Bond." When Mr. Alvarez established this simple, yet powerful foundational statement in 1974, he didn't have to go looking for carriers and customers, they came to him.

    When it came to the trucking industry, Mr. Alvarez saw a need for a truck broker who could give carriers, shippers and drivers the respect they deserved. He promised to negotiate the best rates, load trucks in a timely manner, and pay his carriers within seven days of delivery.

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Our Values

  1. Our faith has been the key to our success from the very beginning. Faith is the foundation of this company and is the driving factor in everything we do.

  1. When it comes to doing business, integrity is our number one priority. As long as we stay true to our word and to our customers, the rest will fall into place.

  1. Open and honest communication is the backbone of our business. Providing accurate and detailed information to our customers is the only way to earn and keep their trust.

  1. Our goal has always been to deliver the best results for everyone we do business with. From truckers, carriers and shippers to growers and vendors, everyone deserves to be treated fairly.

  1. All our carriers and drivers work extremely hard, and deserve to be treated with total respect. We consider everyone we work with as a part of our Alvarez Truck Broker’s family.