1. Carriers
  1. Carriers

  2. At Alvarez Truck Brokers, carriers who partner with our company are treated with absolute and total respect.  We recognize the sacrifices and hardships required of carriers and drivers in terms of time away from home and family.  We work hard to treat our carriers and drivers professionally by offering help and assistance at every step along the way to create an efficient and supportive working relationship.

    Our teams of carriers and drivers are professional, reliable, and dependable.  Equipment utilized by our carriers is modern and well maintained.  Cargo, liability, and reefer breakdown insurance are required of all our carriers at coverage amounts adequate to mitigate loss exposure during transit.

    We are always seeking qualified carriers and drivers to add to our team.  Currently we are actively seeking carriers who offer team drivers.



  1. Benefits of being a carrier team member include:

    • Being a part of one of the premier transportation and logistics teams in the industry
    • Receiving the best possible competitive market rate to the truck based on negotiated rates with the customer
    • 24/7 dispatch service
    • Pick-up and delivery appointment scheduling assistance
    • Daily individual check calls with a track and trace representative
    • Settlement and payment Friday of each week, or within 7 days, upon receipt of proof of delivery documents and clean bills
    • Next day (24 hour) settlement and payment upon request, additional 2% charge
    • Advances by use of Comdata and Comcheck, service charge applicable
    • Claims and rejections settlement process assistance and consultation