1. Customer Testimonials

  1. Our relationship with Alvarez Truck Brokers started on the transportation side when they were hauling for Publix Supermarkets. What we found about Alvarez Truck Brokers was that they gave precise information, and that is vital in our business. When John or his people call and tell you a truck will be there in two hours, 99.99% of the time he was accurate. You’ve got to have that. And if for some reason a truck gets delayed or held up, they always called to keep us informed. Over time we have found that Alvarez Truck Brokers were information junkies. They’re just good people. That kind of service in our business is very rare. When they say something is going to happen, they make it happen. They’re good to their word and that goes for everyone in their office, from top to bottom.

    Yakima Fresh, LLC – Mike Mills

  2. We have been doing business with Alvarez truck brokers since 1989, a great bunch of guy's and always dependable. Can't say enough about our relationship, always on time on their deliveries & rates are always competitive even lower than most carriers. When trucks get tight especially during the holidays we can depend on them to provide Veg Fresh with as many trucks as we need. I truly recommend Alvarez Truck Brokers for transportation needs & you won't regret it!

    Veg Fresh Farms, LLC – Larry Olivarez

  1. The team at Alvarez Trucking is unique. They embrace new, efficient ways of managing transportation. Their steadfast and time-honored belief that people matter more than profits proves that character always trumps short-term performance. It is an honor to have Alvarez Trucking part of the Lipman Family Farms network.

    Lipman Companies – Kent Shoemaker

  2. I have been using Alvarez Truck Brokers for approximately twenty years. They are one of the most professional companies we at Alpine deal with. Their attention to the customers’ needs stands out as does their service. In this business communication is a major key to a good working relationship and we feel Alvarez truck brokers is part of our team. I truly recommend Alvarez to any company that wants to deal with a company you can count on in both good and bad times. That is really important.

    Alpine Fresh, Inc. – John Lyons