Load Board

    All Carriers Subject to Qualification, Satisfactory Safety Record Review, Minimum Cargo, Auto Liability, and Reefer Breakdown Insurance Coverages.

    All Rates (Net to the Truck) Negotiated and Agreed Upon Prior to Dispatch and Receipt of Load Confirmation.

    Pick-Up Date Delivery Date Pick-Up Location Delivery Location Equipment Required Freight Contact Contact Number Contact Email
    9/28/2021 9/29/2021 Canton, GA Jasper, AL Reefer Chicken Chris/BIlly 800-843-7244 chouck@alvareztruck.com
    9/28/2021 10/2/2021 Live Oak, FL Los Angeles, CA Reefer Chicken Chris/ Billy 800-843-7244 chouck@alvareztruck.com

    You must be an "Approved Customer" before you can submit a load. If you are NOT an "Approved Customer" you'll need to submit a Customer Application.

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