1. Carrier Testimonials

  1. I have known and conducted business with John Alvarez, Sr. and Alvarez Truck Brokers of Florida for over 20 years. With an industry such as this, they are a breath of fresh air to do business with on a daily basis. They are a reflection of the Godly leadership of John Alvarez, Sr. You can trust them for quality freight, quick payment and professional one on one service. They are more than a truck broker, they are family!

    Michael Moore - In the Wind, LLC.

  2. WLA Trucking has been hauling freight for John Alvarez since 1986. The Alvarez team has always gone the extra mile to make sure that our drivers are treated fairly, our trucks are loaded expeditiously and freight bills are paid quickly. Alvarez Truck Brokers earns an A-Plus rating from WLA Trucking.

    Bobby Post - W.L.A., Inc.

  3. We’ve been dealing with John and Alvarez Truck Brokers for a long time. John was always very nice and always paid in a timely fashion, which is very important to a small company like this. He’s a good person and I’ve enjoyed doing business with him.

    Murphy Transportation – Thomas Murphy

  1. I have been knowing and doing business with John Alvarez and his family for over thirty five years. From the bottom to the top, I have never done business with an organization that is more honest, trustworthy, dependable, and straight up than Alvarez Truck Brokerage.

    Gary Harold - H&W Trucking Co., Inc.

  2. The very best truck brokers outfits I’ve ever dealt with. His word is his bond. He does exactly what he tells you. But the best of all is that when you discuss business with them, they know what’s going on and you always get an honest, straight answer. They tell you exactly where you stand in the deal. Those are the people you want to do business with.

    Southeastern Carriers – Joe Senn

  3. I’ve known John Alvarez since about 1971. We’ve been in continuous business with them. He has an outstanding company and my relationship with him is second to none. Ain’t no better truck broker in the United States than him. He’ll tell you what he’s going to do and he’ll do what he’s tells you. He does a first class job.

    Ralph Walker Trucking – Ralph Walker